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        Innovation is worth a thousand words

        Give your customers the service they expect with a global network of carrier-grade solutions that simplify operations and lower network expenses.

        Flexibility, meet capability
        Providing high-quality service and managing margins is no longer a challenge with CenturyLink Wholesale Voice Services. Whether you’re a reseller, hoster, service provider or simply looking to simplify, we’ll provide the scale, knowledge and experience you need to grow while increasing efficiency.
        Network Services
        CenturyLink? Wholesale International Local Inbound 
        Make calls to CenturyLink-provided telephone numbers (DDIs) across Europe, Asia and Latin America. All traffic is handed off to single or multiple IP endpoints. 
        CenturyLink? Local Inbound
        Enables the termination of local and long distance calls that originate on the PSTN to CenturyLink-provided telephone numbers.
        CenturyLink? One Plus Switched
        Get an end-to-end voice service solution for interstate, intrastate and international calls with switched access and handoff for facility-based customers.
        CenturyLink? Toll Free
        Enjoy integrated Dedicated, Switched and IP services in a solution with a large voice footprint to help increase your efficiency and enable TDM to VolP migration. 
        CenturyLink? Voice Termination
        Get secure, worldwide interconnectivity and termination options for interstate, intrastate, domestic and international traffic—all on our powerful voice network. 
        CenturyLink? VoIP Enhanced Local
        ELS is DID-based PSTN call origination and PSTN call termination service via IP transport. 

        Outsourcing Solutions
        CenturyLink? Carrier Cloud Voice Solution
        Add premium voice capabilities and services with our comprehensive, turnkey, cloud-based voice solution that can help you reduce costs and enable business growth.
        CenturyLink? E-911 Direct
        Increase your network performance and efficiency by replacing LEC Selective Router TDM interconnections with SIP-based 911 call delivery and termination services.
        Managed Least Cost Routing
        Let us create a custom routing partition and manage the vendor, rate and network of your subscriber voce calls—at competitive rates and high quality.
        On-Net and On-Net Plus Voice Termination
        Ensure high call completion and customer satisfaction. We transport and terminate calls right to the end office, tandem or direct connect—without offloading traffic to another provider.
        CenturyLink? Tandem
        Replace LEC with Tandem for inbound long-distance and outbound toll-free (8YY) calls to and from your telephone numbers.
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