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        We safeguard your digital business

        Identify threats, mitigate risks and protect your network, website and cloud applications with a multi-layered defense that will proactively neutralize attacks efficiently and effectively.

        We see more, so we can stop more
        Our CenturyLink DDoS Mitigation Service combines enhanced routing and network-based mitigation with high capacity, regionally-distributed scrubbing centers and controls designed to help reduce latency and maintain performance, so you can lock down your data without locking down innovation.
        Security built for today’s cyber environment
        Multiple layers of protection
        CenturyLink's eleven global scrubbing centers leverage our 43 Tbps backbone network as an additional mitigation layer via BGP FlowSpec.
        Advanced threat controls
        Control threats through network routing, filtering and rate limiting, providing relief from volumetric and application-based attacks targeting layers 3-7. CenturyLink mitigates ~120 customer DDoS attacks per day.
        Carrier-agnostic protection and detection
        Re-route and scrub all Internet connections, not just CenturyLink circuits.
        Global footprint and network depth
        Our global reach spans PoPs in more than 100 major markets on six continents, and we serve approximately 360 colocation facilities and data centers worldwide.
        Increased visibility 
        Get extensive visibility into attack traffic and advanced threats through the CenturyLink threat intelligence, attack detection methods and global IP, CDN and DNS networks. CenturyLink feeds over 114B NetFlow sessions into our machine learning models each day.
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