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        Expand your global reach, retain your local focus

        Take on tomorrow with CenturyLink? Wavelength Services that deliver high-capacity, reliable global-to-local transport solutions.

        Power innovation with CenturyLink Wholesale Wavelength Services
        Our global-to-local wavelength solutions are ideally suited for customers who require dedicated transport connectivity without the capital and ongoing expenses associated with owning and operating network infrastructure. Give your business more room to innovate with the reliability, scalability and security that comes with CenturyLink Wavelength Services.
        Get more out of your network
        Operational efficiencies
        Eliminate the operational expenses associated with managing your own fiber infrastructure.
        Comprehensive tailored solutions through one provider
        Lower administrative costs via a single source that provides an extensive local-to-global footprint customized for your intercity and metro connectivity requirements.
        Virtually limitless scalability
        Scale up to 100 Gbps between your data center or cloud environments.
        Integrated security
        Provide protection for your in-flight data, while gaining efficiency and high-performance with our Encrypted Wavelengths solution.
        Turn your infrastructure into a competitive advantage
        Solutions for Wholesale customers could include:
        • Wireless—Connecting cell sites to MTSOs or interconnecting multiple MTSO locations
        • Cable Companies—High-capacity connectivity among cable islands to create global IP Networks or connectivity from cable rings to Corporate Data Centers
        • IXC—Reach to locations for access POPs and Carrier Hotels where they currently have gaps in their networks or for Diversity Solutions for their own long-haul network
        • International Carriers—Connectivity from Wave landing stations to Major U.S. Carrier Hotels, data centers or customer locations
        • CLECs/ISPs—Market expansion to fill gaps in current network availability to reach their large customers and data centers, as well as IP access
        Tailor your CenturyLink Wavelength solution for more agility
        Wavelength Services provides point-to-point connectivity over our robust local to global network. 
        • Ethernet speeds: 1, 10, 100 Gbps
        • SONET/ SDH speeds: 2.5, 10, 40 Gbps
        • OTU speeds: OTU 1, 2, 2e, 3, 4
        • FICON and Fibre Channel (Metro only): 1, 2, 4, 8, 10 and 16 Gbps SAN
        • Protected and unprotected solutions
        • Available low-latency routes and latency SLAs
        • Available custom routing and transparent
        • Custom network design, including private data networks
        • Building Extensions available for extend demarc, inside-wiring, etc.
        Our Solution Architects can work directly with you to design, engineer and deploy tailored solutions for your diversity, low latency, custom routing and network protection options. It’s a powerful service, and it’s available at no cost
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