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        Content when, where and how customers want it

        CenturyLink? CDN delivers scalability, high performance and video expertise for an exceptional customer experience.

        Any time. Any screen.
        The demand for anywhere, any screen digital is real. CenturyLink? Video Delivery Service can help you stay ahead. It’s part of the reason we’re the trusted global CDN provider of video and digital downloads for many of the world’s largest and most innovative broadcasting, media, Internet and electronics companies.
        A CDN that delivers
        High-quality video across devices
        Improve user experiences by optimizing video quality based on viewer bandwidth and device. 
        Easily handle more traffic
        Access more than 120 Tbps of global serving capacity through the CenturyLink IP network during large releases and traffic spikes.
        Effortless on-demand delivery
        Deliver on-demand and live broadcasts with confidence by relying on a complete solution provider with more than 25 years of experience with broadcast and IP capabilities. 
        Secure dynamic delivery
        Get scalability and performance without sacrificing security.
        Fast. Flexible. On-demand.
        Video delivery
        Provide video streaming and download capabilities worldwide with the performance and scale you need.
        Website optimization
        Deliver lightning-fast website speeds and optimize performance across virtually any device and platform—virtually anywhere in the world.
        Digital downloads
        Accelerate delivery of digital files with fast, uninterrupted downloads across the globe.
        Origin storage
        Store your content library as it grows with a massively scalable, reliable and affordable storage solution.
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