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        Digital + Government

        = IT that enables modernization

        CenturyLink connectivity, cloud and security solutions, plus our best-in-class GSA contracts such as EIS and Alliant 2, empower your agency to transform faster.

        We are the first provider to receive ATO and to win a task order on the GSA EIS contract.

        Modernize today. Transform your tomorrow.

        Download our IT Services Buying Guide to learn more about the government contract vehicles that support our solutions—which have helped government agencies embrace innovation and progress—and how they can enable your modernization efforts.

        Reimagine your agency IT. Reinforce your agency mission.

        From connecting locations all over the globe, to building secure, adaptive networks, learn how more than 300 government agencies count on CenturyLink to help design and implement the secure connections they need to modernize their IT systems.

        Easily procure your agency’s IT infrastructure and security services

        CenturyLink services are available through these contract purchasing vehicles.

        Alliant 2

        Customizable hardware, software and IT solutions that can be packaged to help federal agencies modernize their IT systems.

        Connections II

        The Connections II contract complements and enhances GSA Networx and Regional telecommunications contracts.


        Enterprise infrastructure?solutions to help federal agencies achieve digital transformation through innovative technologies.

        IT Schedule 70

        The GSA IT Schedule 70 offers an easy and convenient way to procure IT products and services.


        Networx Universal and Enterprise contracts are the primary means many federal agencies use to purchase communications services.?


        Regional contacts support selected regional areas and provide a flexible contract vehicle with quality local service offerings.

        WITS 3

        WITS 3 offers federal agencies the network reach and scale in the National Capital Region to meet your specific mission objectives.

        Things you need to know to modernize your IT operation

        Important things federal agencies need to know to modernize their IT operations. It's about business first, then technology.


        Doing business with CenturyLink is easy

        See how we provide procurement and subcontract support for all of our federal government clients in accordance with applicable laws, standards and requirements.

        Collaborating with the federal government at every level

        Achieve mission success with Adaptive Networking, IT Agility and Connected Security.

        • Adaptive Networking - Improves connections with cloud-like flexibility, built-in automation, adaptable management and integrated security.
        • IT Agility & Hybrid Cloud - Enables fast application delivery and responsiveness to help meet agency needs.
        • Connected Security - See more to stop more with a thorough approach to network security and gain real-time threat intelligence and automated response.



        Transform government for a digital future

        Learn how a reliable network and hybrid IT services can help you achieve greater operating efficiencies, improve user experiences and run mission critical applications.

        ?WHITE PAPER

        A government study on digital transformation

        Understand the barriers to digital transformation and what can be accomplished once they are removed.


        Mandate for modernization

        Learn what must be done to modernize Federal Government Networks and IT infrastructure.


        Helping federal agencies advance the delivery of IT services


        A proven, reliable, high-performance network you can leverage for game delivery, video, applications, websites and more.

        Cloud & IT Solutions

        Meet the latest citizen demands for digital experiences with secure, reliable, scalable clouds.

        Voice & Unified Communications

        Unify your communications with exceptional technology and equipment at a predictable cost.

        Managed & IT Consulting Services

        Simplify IT complexity with affordable, flexible services to accelerate your agency’s mission.


        Detect, protect against and respond to cyberattacks with security capabilities approved by DHS.

        Data and Analytics

        Use advanced analytics to act on big data insights and navigate a multiscreen world.

        Experience you can count on

        Our strategic government leadership team has decades of experience helping U.S. Federal, educational, and DoD agencies develop network-based solutions encompassing IT, voice, security and managed-service technologies