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        Work without Boundaries

        Our fast, secure connections with flexible bandwidth can meet all your networking needs, no matter how many locations your business has now or in the future.

        Looking for Government Unified Communications and Collaboration??

        Download the CenturyLink? Unified Communications Solutions Guide?

        Take the complexity out of unified communication and collaboration and deliver an exceptional experience for your workers and customers with an enterprise-wide solution from a trusted, experienced partner.

        What you will discover in our guide

        • The challenging UC&C landscape
        • That transitioning is a journey not an event
        • A UC&C solution requires the right platform
        • The journey can make you more agile, flexible
        • Some UC&C real-world solutions in action
        • The full CenturyLink UC&C product portfolio
        • How to enhance your contact center and customer experiences

        For information on our privacy practices,?
        see CenturyLink's?Privacy Policy.

        Communicate, Collaborate, Innovate.

        From greater productivity and security, to more growth and profitability – seamless communication and collaboration solutions are the building blocks to digital transformation.
        Enhance your engagement, accelerate problem solving, and jump-start productivity
        Protect against cyberattacks and reduce the risk of disruption
        Deliver a common collaborative experience that people love
        Rely on our technology expertise and relationships to improve your IT agility
        Trust our outstanding managed services and spend more time on your bottom line
        CenturyLink and Cisco - Keep Ideas Moving
        To be agile and disrupt the status quo, you have to keep moving. Your workers can't be slowed by travel time, disparate tools, or hard to find files. Cisco Webex delivered by CenturyLink? makes it easy to connect teams, tools, and ideas virtually anywhere. Now your employees can keep up the momentum, without ever missing a stride.


        Our Technology Partners

        CenturyLink provides a full-suite of secure communications and collaboration built on our top tier global IP network. By partnering with the industry’s top providers, we’re delivering solutions like Amazon Chime, Cisco Webex and Microsoft Skype as part of our Unified Communications and Collaboration Services portfolio plus the benefit of consolidated billing and world-class customer service.


        UC&C: More than a Single Product

        Using unified communications and collaboration as a catalyst for transformation means integrating multiple technologies that work together seamlessly. Here are some of the unified communication services we deliver.

        Cisco Webex delivered by CenturyLink

        Cisco Webex delivered by CenturyLink provides a holistic UC&C platform that integrates CenturyLink’s secure and reliable network, hosting and communications architecture.

        Improves team collaboration with one click on almost any device
        Reduces the complexity of managing a multi-vendor solution
        Leverages economies of scale for lower costs

        Skype for Business managed by CenturyLink

        Skype for Business, managed by CenturyLink, is a UC&C platform that integrates network, hosting and communications to simplify multi-location enterprise locations.

        Easy to setup and join voice, instant messaging, presence and conferencing
        Fully integrated with Microsoft Office, Outlook and OneNote
        HD video and audio meeting recordings
        Supports large groups up to 250 people

        Amazon Chime delivered by CenturyLink

        Amazon Chime, delivered by CenturyLink, is a communications service that transforms online meetings with a cost-effective, easy-to-implement online meeting, video, chat and document share experience that lets you:

        Improve workforce meeting productivity
        Work seamlessly across mobile devices
        Use one application for all your communications
        Rely on security you can trust
        Subscribe to pay-as-you-go model
        Discover why CenturyLink was recognized for growth excellence in VoIP access and SIP Trunking by Frost & Sullivan.
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