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        Speed Up Your Content Delivery

        Fast. Reliable. Secure. The CenturyLink? Content Delivery Network (CDN) is your global solution.


        Your Content on Six Continents

        Your customers demand seamless streaming video and far-reaching digital content distribution. No problem. Enjoy the security, performance and scale of the CenturyLink Content Delivery Network (CDN).

        Effortlessly provide smooth, reliable on-demand video and streaming linear channels using CenturyLink? CDN Mesh Delivery. It combines our global content delivery network with the resilience and scalability of a distributed mesh architecture.  

        Now it’s easier than ever to deliver your web applications. Run your workload anywhere you need on the edge continuum with CenturyLink? CDN Edge Compute, a fully transparent, customizable and controllable edge platform.


        When Delivering Video is Mission-Critical

        We've got you covered with end-to-end digital video transmission. CenturyLink is a trusted global provider of pristine video for some of the most-watched television events and programs globally. We offer scalable and secure broadcast video acquisition, distribution and delivery.
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