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        Find the right mix of services for your enterprise

        Maximize the efficiency of a customized, one-stop-shop for all your connectivity, IT, data, cloud and security needs with an experienced partner and a globally scalable network.

        A single source solution for your evolving business needs
        Whether it’s voice, data, security, CPE or cloud applications, CenturyLink offers a wide range of flexible and managed business bundles that can help lower costs, increase productivity and reliability, and dramatically simplify your IT -- so you can focus on growing your business.
        Award-Winning Ethernet
        CenturyLink won five awards for Service and Network Excellence at the Metro Ethernet Forum in 2018.1
        Bundle up to help reduce IT complexity and build a foundation for business growth.
        Drive ‘one-and-done’ operational efficiency
        Selecting a single vendor for all your network, voice, security and cloud technology needs not only helps deliver a more seamless install and user interface, but it can also reduce total costs of ownership through unified support systems, plan and pricing flexibility, and a reduction in IT oversight and equipment costs.
        Enhance IT agility and system productivity
        Rapidly add or remove services or upgrade to optional services like Dynamic Capacity or Business Wi-Fi to maximize your infrastructure productivity and keep up with changing market demands while maximizing cost efficiency. Fully customizable and flexible plans allow you to adjust systems as your business needs change.
        Deliver exceptional customer experiences
        With dedicated support, end-to-end management, comprehensive SLAs, built-in threat protection and optional virtualized services, you can focus on growing your business and meeting evolving market needs without large capital expenditures for onsite IT support or maintaining expensive equipment.
        Talk with a CenturyLink IT consultant to help choose the right solutions for your business. 
        The CenturyLink global enterprise network
        With approximately 450,000 route miles of fiber globally, serving customers in 60+ countries, on-net access to 2200+ public and private data centers and 150,000+ buildings, our global Ethernet, Fiber and IP/MPLS networks are built for agile application delivery and virtually anywhere, anytime cloud connectivity.
        Pick the plan that’s right for you


        Core Connect Enterprise

        Business Wi-Fi (add-on)

        Converged Services

        Managed Data

        1 Metro Ethernet Forum 2018 Network Ethernet Excellence Awards 

        2 Will support greater than 1Gbps through custom bundle

        Listed broadband speeds vary due to conditions outside of network control, including customer location, equipment, access through a wireless connection, and are not guaranteed.  See centurylink.com/InternetPolicy for additional network performance information.

        3Contingent on market availability and ICB.

        Powerful, symmetrical 1Gig Fiber internet + Voice
        1Gig Fiber+ powers the high-performance communication and connectivity services essential to today’s digital businesses. Delivered over a direct fiber connection to your building with symmetrical upload and download speeds, Fiber+ pairs business-class internet access with advanced voice services.


        • Symmetrical speeds up to 1Gbps allow fast data transfers and access to online applications, making it easy to connect to your local and regional offices
        • High speeds in both directions means higher-performing cloud-based applications than with cable internet
        • Single and efficient, IP-based network connection eliminates the expense and trouble of managing multiple vendors
        • Scalable services that grow with your business and improve productivity, efficiency and peace of mind.
        • Reliable connectivity backed by service level agreements for network availability
        • Includes Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Skype for Business, online data backup and basic web hosting tools that help improve business continuity, mobility and deepen your online presence
        • Also available as a data-only plan (no voice)
        Fiber vs. cable:
        What’s best for your business?
        Explore the differences between cable and fiber internet and learn which service is right for your company.
        of customers spend more time in a business that offers free Wi-Fi
        of customers spend more money in a business that offers free Wi-Fi
        See why businesses love Fiber+

        “The 1Gig from CenturyLink can handle anything we throw at it.”
        – Greg Rothermel, NuStyle Development

        “It’s magic.”
        - Bob Grinnell, The Mastercraft

        “Uploading and downloading massive files and being able to do that in a fraction of the time.”
        – Jeff Slobotski, Silicon Prairie News

        “CenturyLink 1Gig allows us to have undeniable connectivity.”
        - Rod Yates, Nebraska Crossing Outlets

        Custom-speed internet + voice plans to fit virtually any need and any scale
        CenturyLink Fiber+ Enterprise combines high-speed internet, voice and high-performance, cloud-based application services into a single solution that you design to fit your needs -- whether you have one location or many. Choose bandwidth speeds based on data and internet access requirements, and voice service based on the number of lines and business applications you need.


        • Ideal for businesses with multiple locations or multiple types of connectivity needs
        • Choose your speed and take advantage of private connections for linking multiple locations
        • Link local and regional offices with speeds up to 1Gbps
        • Connect confidently with service level availability agreements
        • Combine internet and voice over one efficient, IP-based network connection
        • Backup critical data in the cloud and leverage essential business applications
        • Access tools for business continuity, expanding mobility and enhancing online presence
        • Also available as a data-only plan (no voice)


        Fiber+ Enterprise Plan Options
        See all the features you can choose from to create the perfect bundle for connecting all your locations on a single and secure high-speed system.


        Customizable business-class data, voice and cloud-based tools

        Get the speed, reliability and tools for running your business all in one place. Core Connect? is the perfect fit for mid-sized companies that need fast and dedicated data, internet access, and voice services plus email, data backup, and the simplicity of getting it all from a single provider.
        Flexible, all-in-one solution

        Combine high-speed internet and voice services in one provider to reduce complexity with an efficient solution that grows with your business.

        Symmetrical and scalable bandwidth

        With the same high speeds for download and upload plus on-demand scalability for handling traffic spikes, you always have access to the capacity you need.

        World-class service and reliability

        Our Tier 1 high-speed global enterprise network is backed by an uncompromising commitment to service reliability and customer support.

        Design the perfect solution for your business

        Choose from two connection (port) options
        Internet Port

        Internet Port provides business-grade Ethernet access for keeping your mobile employees, partners, and third-party websites securely connected.

        Private Port

        Private Port offers IP/MPLS connectivity for companies that need to connect multiple or remote locations within a private network.1

        Customize your cloud-based applications

        Fully loaded with our cloud-based applications, Core Connect Enterprise includes email, collaboration, productivity, web tools and online data backup plus the flexibility to add and modify your services to best fit your needs.

        Email, collaboration and productivity

        • 20 licenses of Microsoft? Office 365 Business Essential (online version), which includes:
          • Microsoft? Exchange Online email boxes (50GB per mailbox)
          • Microsoft? Skype for Business web conferencing with HD video, screen sharing and instant messaging
          • Microsoft? SharePoint? Online, 10GB shared
          • Microsoft? Office Online (create/edit files via a web browser)
          • Microsoft OneDrive for Business (1TB of personal file storage per user)
          • Anti-malware protection and anti-spam filtering

        Cloud backup

        • 20 licenses of online data backup for PCs and laptops (10GB/seat)

        Web tools

        • Domain name registration and transfer
        • 10GB web hosting
        • Search engine submission -XML site map
        • Cloud Fax 250 pg/month

        Optional add-ons

        • Additional Office 365 licenses
        • Upgrade Office 365 with desktop and mobile application versions
        • Additional online data backup for remote employees or additional devices
        • McAfee Endpoint Protection for laptops and PCs
        • McAfee Email Protection and Continuity for best-in class email and content filtering
        • Remote IT support to free up IT staff for more strategic projects

        Online account management

        Access account information
        Access support
        Manage products & services
        24/7 availability
        View and pay bills
        Make service changes
        Choose your voice service

        Select a voice option based on your company's needs and whether you have existing equipment you want to keep, such as analog phones or a PBX.

        Plan 1: Integrated Access

        An integrated data, internet, and voice solution that enables you to keep your analog phones, works with most existing equipment, and provides up to 24 voice lines, without the need for a PBX or key system.




        Plan 2: Data Only with IQ SIP Trunk service

        The integrated data, internet and voice solution for customers that require an ISDN PRI hand-off to existing TDM PBX or Native SIP hand-off to an IP PBX or hosted VoIP to meet customer-specific voice requirements.




        Plan 3: Data Only

        If you don’t need voice service, our no-frills Data Only solution offers powerful and symmetrical business-class internet connectivity up to 40Mbps (where available) plus the flexibility to add any of our other robust business and voice services as your business grows.



        1 Network-based security may be required with Private Port.
        2 Credits are based on cumulative hours.

        Speeds may not be available in all areas.  Listed speeds vary due to conditions outside of network control, including customer location, equipment, access through a wireless connection, and are not guaranteed.  See centurylink.com/InternetPolicy for additional network performance information.


        Consolidate all your connectivity needs in a single port

        Simplify network management and help boost efficiency by integrating voice, data, and internet into a flexible and scalable solution that’s dynamically allocated over a single managed connection -- with customizable bandwidth options from T1 up to 10G Ethernet1.
        1Contingent on market availability and ICB.

        Maximize performance with dynamic, centralized control

        Make the most of your IT budget while keeping your allocation flexible to evolve with your business.
        Service efficiency

        Converged, SDN-enabled multi-service ports deliver local, private and public networking while optimizing app performance and cloud connectivity.

        Scalability for growth

        Next-generation MEF CE2.0 Ethernet access provides a flexible, high-capacity solution that dynamically scales bandwidth with demand or as your business grows.

        Comprehensive security

        Network-based VPN concentrators support secure remote access, web/email gateway and internet breakout for increased threat protection and reliability.

        Cost efficiency

        Simplified and integrated pricing for data, voice and internet for different needs plus dynamic bandwidth scaling means you only pay for what you need.

        The power of all-in-one

        With the convenience of a single provider for voice, data, security, CPE and cloud -- all supported by end-to-end Service Level Agreements, our bundles offer a new level of consistency and reliability that minimizes downtime risks with seamless flexibility to grow.

        Customize your communications platform
        Select the voice, data and internet options that best suit your business’ needs and add optional services to further centralize and simplify your IT.

        1. Choose your bundle

        2. Choose your connection

        3. Choose voice interface options

        4. Add optional features

        5. Standard bundle features


        Bundles designed to meet the needs of the largest and smallest companies

        Pre-select bandwidth, service and CPE features, manage as much as you want and upgrade as your needs evolve.
        Business-grade IP reliability
        Dedicated, high-performance solution for internet and private-data networking with variable bandwidth capabilities
        Complete customization
        Fully configured and flexible solutions designed for compatibility with your internal network and armed with 24/7/365 support
        Proactive control
        Full read/write access keeps you in charge no matter what level of management service you select

        The power of all-in-one

        With the convenience of a single provider for voice, data, security, CPE and cloud -- all supported by end-to-end Service Level Agreements, our bundles offer a new level of consistency and reliability that minimizes downtime risks with seamless flexibility to grow.

        Manage what you want, leave the rest to us.
        Whether you want do-it-yourself control, partial or complete management, all bundles include pre-configured routers, local loops, internet ports and troubleshooting support.
        Best for basic needs and more hands-on control


        Basic internet connectivity in a simple port, loop and rental CPE solution with MPLS


        • Internet Port, Private Port MPLS, and Enhanced Port with SIG 

        Multiple bandwidth speeds


        • ADTRAN or Cisco rental, pre-configured based on customer specifications, ready to plug ‘n play with ten configuration changes per year 


        • Either 8/5 next business day (NBD) or upgrade to 24/7 on-site 4-hour CPE maintenance
        Best for more complex VPN and secure routing needs


        Includes all Standard features plus data protection

        Data protection

        • Firewall configured to your needs


        • IPSec VPN configurations
        • Network adress translation (NAT)
        • Port address translation (PAT)
        • Demilitarized zone (DMZ) security configurations

        Customized advanced routing

        • Border gateway protocol (BGP)
        • Generic routing encapsulation (GRE)
        • Open shortest path first (OSPF)
        • Customized QoS

        Ethernet switch

        • 24 port Ethernet switch from ADTRAN (1.5 or 3.0 Mbps only)
        • Or 8 port Ethernet switch from Cisco (1.5 Mbps or 3.0 Mbps only)
        Full management for the most advanced systems


        Includes all Pro features plus router management options

        Choose either:

        Select option

        • Proactive monitoring & management: 24/7 fault notification
        • Performance reporting: real-time router activity and trouble tickets
        • Single point of contact for issues
        • 12 routing configuration changes per year (MACDs)
        • Credit paying SLAs 

        Comprehensive option

        • Data protection: Firewall management and configuration
        • VPN Tunnel: IPSec VPN Tunnel management
        • Complex routing configurations
        • 24 Routing Configuration changes (MACDs)

        Defend your network with built-in security

        Proactively protect against attacks with an adaptive, multi-layered, carrier-agnostic, network-based security platform.

        Reliable Wi-Fi in minutes on the network engineered for business
        Add enterprise-grade Wi-Fi for small and medium business to one of our powerful network plans for a secure, dependable and easy-to-deploy solution that empowers high-quality customer experiences. With high-performance CenturyLink networking and the high-grade authentication, control and visibility of Cisco Meraki’s cloud-managed solution, worry-free Wi-Fi is easier than ever.
        Explore simple money-saving, productivity-boosting tech enhancements.
        Easily deploy, secure and manage your Wi-Fi
        Easy installation
        Deploy in minutes and simplify administration with all the support you need built-in and without the messy setup.
        Privacy and security
        Dual-band segmentation helps keep business secure and speeds fast by splitting staff and guests onto separate networks.
        Full visibility
        Monitor performance and user activity in a user-friendly dashboard that gives you focused insights and full control.
        1 Year
        $40 per month
        Best value
        3 Years
        $28 per month
        + 1 month free
        5 Years
        $25 per month +
        1 month free
        Plans priced for small and medium business*

        Our affordable plans include management, setup, equipment and monitoring tools. Try us out for a year or go long and get an extra month free.

        • CenturyLink Network Options
        • Cisco Meraki Access Point
        • Easy Installation
        *Rates are per wireless access point and exclude taxes, fees and surcharges. Requires a 12-, 36- or 60-month agreement and CenturyLink public Internet service.
        Business Wi-Fi-Benefits
        Combine your Wi-Fi and internet service in one easy-to-setup, easy-to-manage package.

        Simple set up

        Single provider

        Separate networks

        Built-in analytics

        Visitor engagement

        Rapid-response support

        Explore the convenience of cloud-managed Wi-Fi

        From dual-band access for private employee and guest connections to the user-friendly dashboard, our Wi-Fi bundle makes installation and network administration a breeze. Your Business Wi-Fi solution includes:


        • Cisco Meraki MR33 wireless access point with license
        • Cisco Meraki cloud portal and dashboard access
        • 1.3 Gbps Wi-Fi radio rate to keep up with your data demands
        • 24/7/365 dedicated telephone help desk support
        CenturyLink network service is required to implement CenturyLink Business Wi-Fi. If your business is not currently using CenturyLink network, additional fees may apply.
        CenturyLink? Business Wi-Fi User Guide
        Everything you need to know about setting up and using CenturyLink Business Wi-Fi.
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