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        Reimagining R&D.
        Optimizing operations.
        CenturyLink provides expertise across data, networks, infrastructure and security to help power your breakthrough medical innovations and optimize dynamic operations.

        Driving ROI with SAP
        CenturyLink has been named a Global Platinum Reseller by SAP to help companies around the world transform.
        Enabling innovation is what we do
        CenturyLink serves eight of the world's ten largest pharmaceutical companies for 2018.
        The ability to control network performance end-to-end, across the globe, down to the millisecond and packet level.
        CenturyLink serves 9 of the top 10 healthcare disruptors in 2018.1
        1 Source: Gartner Research, Top Strategic IoT Trends and Technologies Through 2023, September 21, 2018.
        Digital transformation in pharmaceuticals
        Take a closer look at how real-time data can power the digital transformation of pharmaceutical firms—and how CenturyLink’s adaptive network and IT solutions help make it all happen.
        The value of data in healthcare
        The CIO of a top research hospital explains how data and IT solutions are being used in innovative ways to help deliver unparalleled care—and hope—to patients.
        Predictive analytics in healthcare
        Read this report that reveals everything learned about the current threat landscape and trends, and how to stay ahead of evolving cyberthreats to protect data and privacy.
        CenturyLink works with
        7 of 10 companies from Forbes Most Innovative Companies list.*
        19 of the nation’s top 20 universities that spend the most on research and development.*
        7 of the top 10 US based CROs.*
        * in 2018
        Powerful game-changing technology and infrastructure
        • Transmit, analyze and model your massive volumes of data through secure and scalable networking services.
        • Connect to CROs, academia and key partners across cloud and hosted-environments with our Infrastructure-as-a-service.
        • Capture, store, aggregate and manipulate big data to realize your IoT strategy for personalized medicine.
        • Secure your intellectual property and help ensure uptime connectivity with one of the largest, most-connected and deeply peered internet networks in the world.
        Digital business solutions
        Improve your connections with cloud-like flexibility, built-in automation, adaptable management and integrated security.
        Deliver applications fast and empower internal teams to be more agile and productive with access to data and sophisticated tools.
        See more to stop more with our thorough approach to network security and gain real-time threat intelligence and automated response.
        Empower your global workforce and transform your business with our solutions that range from traditional landlines to fully managed UC&C services.
        Leverage our experienced technical specialists and advisors to maximize IT and grow your business.
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