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        Experience real-time network provisioning
        Keep pace with ever-changing business by adding private connections between your enterprise data centers, locations and the cloud.

        Secure, real-time cloud connectivity

        Establish secure, high-performance cloud and data center connections, so you can quickly turn up new cloud-based applications and services to keep pace with ever-changing business.


        Gain control with real-time connectivity to your data centers and clouds and pay as you go.


        Quickly turn up new cloud-based apps and services using the portal or API; enjoy an hourly flat rate per bandwidth with no early termination fees.


        Minimize exposure to external threats by using private and secure network  connections.

        Hybrid Cloud Ecosystem

        Use Dynamic Connections with AWS, AWS GovCloud, Microsoft Azure and Azure Government, plus approximately 2,200 third-party data centers and 150,000 on net buildings.

        A CenturyLink master services agreement for network services with minimum term and early termination fees is required to gain access to Dynamic Connections.

        Click, connect, create
        Learn how CenturyLink? Dynamic Connections can provide a fast and flexible network experience, enabling you to link your data center and cloud environments in real time.
        Using real-time network provisioning to optimize your hybrid cloud strategy
        The challenge is real: you need real-time capability and flexibility that enables connectivity within your hybrid-cloud environment—as well as a consistent, predictable cost model. 
        Learn how CenturyLink Dynamic Connections can help. 
        CenturyLink? Cloud Connect Dynamic Connections 
        Get the technical details on how we can provide you with secure, real-time connectivity to your data center and cloud environments.
        Real-time network provisioning is now a reality
        Find out how CenturyLink? Cloud Connect Dynamic Connections provides a responsive, secure, real-time provisioning of the network to match the speed and agility of your cloud.
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