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        Rock Solid Data Centers

        Keep your data safe and secure with Colocation Dedicated Hosting

        CenturyLink Knows Data Centers

        CenturyLink operates more than 350 carrier-neutral data centers throughout North America, Latin America and Europe. And each gets direct access to our award-winning, global, low latency, high availability network.?We offer a suite of services within our data centers ranging from our?Premier facilities designed to house customer equipment to our Premier Elite facilities designed to maximum uptime for enterprise customers with high density power and redundant environmental systems.

        Additionally, CenturyLink continues to offer colocation services as part of its Hybrid IT offerings through its commercial relationships with Cyxtera.


        Multi-level physical and logical security as well as challenge points. Data center security trusted by government agencies in addition to Financial, Insurance, Healthcare and Retail businesses.


        CenturyLink is a Tier 1 ISP and international carrier offering multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), virtual private network (VPN), Ethernet virtual private line (EVPL), Ethernet private line (EPL) and private line services.


        Enjoy clean, continuous power to your critical systems, with power densities up to 20kW per cabinet, backed by a 100% power uptime SLA.

        Gold Support

        Drive efficiency by using our infrastructure professionals for technical on-site support (remote hands).Save the trip and cost by using our technicians instead of dispatching your own.


        We offer a full suite of Hybrid IT options and a breadth of data center services. Join a global data center community where Carriers, XaaS providers, Integrators, Enterprises, and Service Providers all come together.


        CenturyLink is your IT partner, extending your IT staff. Whether you need migration support or project management, our Advanced Services teams are here to help you.


        Network Maps

        Explore CenturyLink's Global network coverage and one of the largest fiber footprints in the U.S.

        Data Networking Portfolio Overview

        A broad data networking portfolio from MPLS to Ethernet to Public Internet.

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