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      2. Ethics and Compliance

        CenturyLink's commitment to ethical and responsible corporate conduct is reflected in our Code of Conduct and?Unifying Principles?— fairness, honesty and integrity, commitment to excellence, positive attitude, respect, faith and perseverance. These?Unifying Principles?represent the values upon which CenturyLink conducts business and serves the communities in which we work and live.

        Code of Conduct

        The Code of Conduct is applicable to all employees globally, including our executive officers, and provides extensive and detailed guidelines and ethical standards.

        Supplier Code of Conduct

        The CenturyLink Supplier Code of Conduct is applicable to all agents, consultants, contractors, distributors, manufacturers, suppliers and other business partners (collectively "Suppliers") with whom CenturyLink does business and provides guidelines regarding CenturyLink's commitment to integrity and compliance.

        Anti-Corruption Policy

        CenturyLink prohibits bribery and corruption in all forms and is committed to conducting business ethically and with honesty and integrity. The CenturyLink Anti-Corruption policy is applicable to all directors, officers and employees of CenturyLink.

        Modern Slavery Statement

        CenturyLink's 2018 Modern Slavery Statement is published in accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015, and describes CenturyLink and its supply chains, what we did in 2018 to combat modern slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chains globally, and how we plan to continue these efforts going forward.

        CenturyLink Integrity Line

        Contact the CenturyLink Ethics and Compliance group to report suspected wrongdoing or seek advice. You can make reports or requests for advice anonymously, where allowed by local law.

        For more information or to make a report, visit?www.CenturyLinkIntegrityLine.com?or email?integrityline@centurylink.com.

        Corporate Governance

        CenturyLink is committed to responsible and responsive corporate governance for the benefit of owners and shareholders.

        Contact Corporate Ethics and Compliance

        Meredith Hayes, Vice President, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer

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