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      2. Doing Business with CenturyLink

        In a competitive marketplace, CenturyLink's suppliers are key to our company's success. We rely upon a strong base of suppliers, who understand the importance of on-time delivery and offer high-quality products to our customers, at a price they can afford.

        The CenturyLink Supply Chain Management Team manages the acquisition of products and serves as an interface to our internal business units on all Supply Chain needs. Business is awarded to suppliers through a competitive sourcing process and is focused on "best value". Best value is determined by evaluation of suppliers' proposals and selection of those offering the best combination of low cost, quality & technology.

        Supplier Registration

        Please complete and submit the?Prospective Supplier Registration Form.

        Shipping Instructions

        Supplier Policies

        If the purchase is an Environmental Health or Safety service (i.e., waste, tank testing, asbestos, phase I/II, industrial hygiene, etc.), the Environmental Services Terms & Conditions applies to your order, as well as the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

        If the purchase is a Real Estate service, the specific terms and conditions below will apply to your order, as well as the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

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